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In this portrait, the subject is Ludwig Von Beethoven. I painted the image to resemble sheet music on old, browned, tattered paper. The music used is the actual music to my favorite(and probably most recognizable) three of Beethoven's works; Fur Elise, the 5th Symphony, and the 9th Symphony. What I did was dissect the three works, taking bits and pieces from each one, and splice them together to make one jumbled, chaotic, moving piece out of all three. If one were so inclined, he could play the music on the piano. 
I also have all of the music very close together, not leaving much space between each line, making it rather difficult to distinguish one from another. I have very specific intentions for both of the alterations I made to the music. 
Beethoven was once asked if it was difficult to be a composer when he was unable to hear music. His reply to that was something along the lines of "Just because I am physically deaf, does not mean that I do not hear music. There is not a single moment in the day in which there is not music playing in my head. Sometimes it is soft and distant, but most of the time it is blaring and unrelenting. There are many times that I am afraid I might become overwhelmed." 
In splicing the symphonies together with each other and tightly squeezing the music together on the page, I was trying to communicate what the constant chaos must have been like. And how hard it must have been for him to translate the music he heard in his head into the beautiful masterpieces he composed, performed, and conducted.