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This is a depiction of the tower at the University of Texas: Austin, where Charles Whitman executed what I believe is the first recorded school shooting, on August 1st, 1966.  I included the dripping lips, (which are the symbol for the heroes, martyrs, and victims) in this piece, as a tribute to the many people that were injured/lost their lives that day.  However, I also see Charles Whitman himself to be a sort of victim as well.  I in no way admire the man, or endorse what he did, but in looking at the evidence, I have come to the conclusion that it was not his fault, because he was ill.  I guess I see him to be a victim of the psychiatric/medical fields, which in the 1960s, were nothing like they are today.  Back then it was easier to dismiss the mentally ill, write them off as bad people and forget about them, rather than trying to treat or heal them.  In his note, Whitman stated that he knew the thoughts he was having were wrong, and even expressed regret for what he was about to do, before asking for doctors to do an autopsy on him in hopes they could find what was causing the problems.  Upon doing the autopsy, a brain tumor about the size of a pecan was found.  The doctor that did the autopsy dismissed it and said it could not have caused the attacks. However, these findings were investigated by a team of doctors, and it was later found that the could have very well affected his behavior and been responsible for his actions.  I guess I just find it interesting that today school shootings are so incredibly common.  We live in a society controlled by social media, and we are being constantly hammered with information.  Everyone is so concerned about getting attention and competing to be noticed, it's easy for one's desperate cry for help to be reduced to a whisper.  Its almost as though these young people feel they have to do something so tragic and horrific to finally be noticed.