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This is my interpretation of the famous "execution" photo from the vietnam war.  The release of this photo is considered by many to be a turning point in the public's image of the war effort, and ultimately started leading to our withdrawal.  It was after this that veterans who served were hated, and spat at upon their return.  I chose to put my "dripping lips" symbol in the upper left hand corner of this piece as a statement that we should have nothing but love and respect for those who were willing to trade their lives for the liberation of a people, and we should never forget the horrors they experienced in their service.  

I removed the background and replaced it with a more comic book-esque action motif.  This is meant to draw the viewer's eye directly to the horror one man blowing another man's brains out, while at the same time, taking all of the horror out of the image by making it more cartoonish and "fun".