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This is my version of the American Flag.  America is a country founded on, and throughout history, economically sustained by, war. All of the burns covering the striped portion of this piece act as a sort of visible timeline of all those conflicts that touched American soil...all the scars that we've sustained.  It starts in the upper left hand corner with George Washington, representing the war that founded the nation.  Then we see the number 1812, which represents the war of 1812.  We then see Abraham Lincoln representing the civil war.  To the right, underneath the star portion, we see a purple heart, which as of 1941, became representational of those injured/killed in battle.  A bit lower in the middle of the piece we see the Hawaiian Islands, representing WWII and the attack on pearl harbor.  I burned a hole all the way through the canvas here where pearl harbor is located.  Under that we finally see the image of the NYC skyline with the twin towers burning.  I burned holes through the canvas where the planes struck the buildings.  
In the star section of the flag, I depicted the atomic blast over Nagasaki.  I did this because our country built the nuclear bomb, and is to date the only nation to ever use it in warfare.  I feel that is a fairly important distinction.
An additional part of this piece is the stripes themselves.  Each one has a small amount of veteran's blood mixed with the red paint.  Each contains the blood of a different veteran from a different war, as follows from left to right:
Steve Sik-Afghanistan  
Kyle Marks-Iraq
Colleen Fearon-Desert Storm
Leland Haugan-Vietnam
Ward Jeffers-Korea
Roman Zwaschka-WWII Europe
Walter Wiese Jr-WWII Japan