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This is a portrait of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.  This portrait has the most hidden symbolism of all of my works. The image is composed of a bunch of digital 1s and 0s.  They are actually binary code that, when decoded in to text, is my sort of artist statement about the work.  If you want to know what it says, you will have to decode it. 
In addition to being a portrait of these two men, it is also a sort of timeline of the evolution of the computer/digital industry. The dimensions of the painting are in the new widescreen aspect ration (16:9), while the color palate is the monochrome "green screen", which is a reference to the very first desktop machines.  In the lower center of the piece, I included a logo for two men, which is a combination of the current windows/apple logos.  I did it in full/vibrant color to bring a bit more of the present day into the aesthetic.  In the background, in a slightly lighter shade of green than the rest of the background, I hid the logos of many different popular companies in the digital marketplace.  They are scattered about in no specific order as though they are just floating in space.  This is a reference to "cyberspace".  I have also hidden some very iconic logos from both the past and present in the two mens faces.  I am not going to tell you what they all are, but there are 15 hidden throughout the piece.