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This piece compares the female form and the cello. Again I chose to combine the two to reference my surrealist influence, and to re-enforce the argument that the instrument becomes part of the musician. To show the stability and strength of the instrument, I used the traditional triangular composition popular during the High Renaissance with artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, and Raphael.
She is squatting down low in the image to echo the position one is in when playing the instrument. The stand of the cello seems to be penetrating her vagina. This again references conception/procreation/sexual indulgence. The body and neck of the cello echoes the shape and voluptuousness of the female form. The bow seems to be replacing her finger, illustrating the idea that she is playing herself. This alludes to the idea of masturbation, which I will argue is what a lot of musicians are doing when they are performing--stroking their own egos for pleasure and gratification.
I chose a highly sexual overtone for this piece because of the instrument itself. The low, soothing, rhythmic music a cello produces strikes up very passionate, erotic feelings in me, and this piece is meant to illustrate that idea.