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This piece again illustrates the similarities between the guitar and the human form--the body of the guitar and the human torso, the neck of the guitar and the penis, the head of the guitar and hands/feet. Instead of placing the images side by side in this piece, I combined them. This enabled me to get back in touch with my surrealist influences I used in my earliest human forms that were primarily inspired by surrealism and cubism.
All of the human elements in the piece such as the chest, arms, and legs were influenced by Michelangelo's David. I found that the composition Michelangelo used in that piece was similar to the composition I invisioned for this piece. (I also referenced David in my piece entitled HermAphrodite)
The title of the piece comes from the composition. If you look closely at the hands and feet, you will see that they form an "X". The center of this "X" passes directly over the head of the guitar/penis, which touches again on the theme of conception/procreation/sexual indulgence, which is so common in my work.