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This image compares the main body of the guitar to the torso, or main body, of the human form. The juxtaposition of the guitars represents the duality of human sexuality--male and female, and how they are not two different things, but rather two different versions of the same thing.
The male torso is compared the guitar pointing in a downward direction. The widest part of the guitar body represents the males shoulders, showing their broad, masculine nature. The sound hole is in line with the mans stomach, portaying it's hollowness due to the lack of the womb. The six strings are a metaphor for the six abdomen muscles, or six-pack, which is a symbol of masculinity and sex appeal in todays society. The neck of the guitar pointing down and moving off of the canvas represents the penis.
The female is compared to the guitar pointing upward. The widest part of the guitar represents the hips, showing their voluptuous, feminine nature. The shape of the sound hole echoes the breasts of the female. The neck of the guitar points upward, and is metaphor the long, femanine neck of a woman.
The Cutaway design of both guitars adds an element of asymmetry, which references the idea of the contrapposto human pose started by the Greeks and used throughout art history