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The two pieces in this diptych share the same symbiotic relationship that all of my others do. They are confronted against one another in both a conceptual and aesthetic nature.
Conceptually comparing the images shows us the similarities that unite the two forms. Each form is a metaphor for the other. Essentially I am saying the pregnant torso is an acoustic guitar, and the acoustic guitar is a pregnant torso--they are one in the same. Each form has a life "growing" inside of it, one literally and one figuratively. In looking at the image, one can see how full this life makes each form, and also, how empty they are if the life is taken away. The same way that society and the environment takes an innocent, unmolded child and shapes it in to a unique individual, a musician takes miscelaneous notes and chords and turns them into a unique song.
Aesthetically, the outline appears to be the same (which is the spark that ignites the fire for the conceptual comparison), however the contrasting differences between the two forms become overwhelmingly evident. The human torso is drawn in such a way to show the warm, soft qualities associated with it; however, the guitar feels much colder, and harder. One can see how free the human body is to move and grow; whereas the hard precision of the guitar shows its inability to change.
The idea of procreation and conception is very common, and often repeated in my work, as I recognize the crucial role it plays in creation--both artistic and biological