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This is a portrait of Adolf Hitler.  Arguably one the greatest evils the world has ever known, he represents the main villain in the story of the exhibit, representing the worst of the bad.  Each one of the "red" pieces has the blood of a fighter/survivor mixed with the paint.  This piece contains the blood of a holocaust survivor named Anthony Acevedo.  He was an American soldier that served as a field medic in the famous Battle Of The Bulge.  He told me stories about how he had to do amputations in the fox holes during the middle of the fighting, and there were times that he could hear artillery shells hit the ground mere feet from him, and then fail to detonate.  As if that was not enough hell for one lifetime, he was captured on Jan 6 1945, and taken to a prison camp called "Stalag IX-B" in Germany.  One day at that camp the Germans were gathering up prisoners that were thought to be Jewish.  Because he was not white, Anthony was put on a train and traveled 6 days and 6 nights packed in a boxcar with 79 other men, before arriving at Berga.  Berga was a sub camp of the Nazi concentration camp Buchenwald.  He saw and experienced countless horrors there; enslavement, torture, starvation, exhaustion, and massacres.  At the end of the war, he was put on a 217 mile death march that lasted 3 weeks, where he was mere days away from death, when the Americans finally liberated then on April 11th, 1945. He kept a diary of everything he experienced, including the names of the other 349 American GI prisoners there with him.  That diary is the only reason the true story of those men was brought to light.