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This is my portrait of Jesus and Muhammad.  They are cast as the 2nd villain in the exhibit, as more people have been killed in the name of those two religions than all of the other notorious historical dictators combined.  The current Muslim extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda, that are tearing apart the world are prime examples of this fact. But the Christian groups aren't any less horrifying. The Ku Klux Klan killed tens of thousands of people in the 60s with their bigotry. Currently there are conservative Christian groups in Uganda that "out" gay people in the newspapers, then days later those people are murdered in the street because of it.  David Kato is but one victim of their hatred.  The muslim extremist groups are no different than their christian equivalent.  Both not only hide behind their gods, but also often behind masks.  They are impotent cowards that lack the intelligence and talent to impact the world creatively, so they must resort to doing it destructively.
     In the portrait, in red paint,  I combined the Islam star & moon with the Christian cross to make an image reminiscent of the hammer & sickle from the old soviet union. This is to be the symbol for religious persecution, and all those who practice it to try and legitimize their poisonous agendas.  On the left side of it, Christ stands humble, bathed in its light.  On the right, Muhammad stands proudly, holding the book that bears its message close to his heart.  Both "saviors" gaze upon the symbol of their regime with unwavering loyalty; a theme also reminiscent of the old totalitarian propaganda.  
     This piece is not meant to attack the faiths themselves, but rather the extremists and zealots that corrupt the doctrines and carry out atrocities under their guise.  The question I struggle with, however, is how many centuries does this have to keep happening time after time before we finally accept that this is what those faiths have become?